The World’s Leading Minds Working On You & Your Business


We believe that collaboration is the fuel of growth. We love the buzz of new concepts and new thinking. We want to share that, so our clients become better businesses with happy and engaged staff.

1. Engage: We put into context and contrast your current specific business challenge.
2. Ignite: Unlock the collective wisdom of your organisation with stimulus from the world’s greatest business minds.
3. Apply: Actionable solutions with agreed objectives and outcomes.

Why a Ignition Session?

• Dramatically impacts team dynamics and trust and produces new ideas, new perspectives and faster, better decision making by challenging the way we think
• Significantly lowers resistance to change
• Creates a common cultural framework
• Delivers challenge specific toolkits in a robust and accountable action plan
• Embeds fresh thinking into the organisation’s DNA and culture
• Allows and encourages maverick views
• Builds intellectual capital of the organisation
• Breaks down silos
• Taps and develops the collective wisdom of your organisation
• Allows for issues being aired that rarely surface during regular management meetings
• Encourages questions, not answers; learning, not training
• Makes consultants obsolete

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