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The Social Media Summit

On 1st & 2nd March 2016, the top professionals from across the globe will be at The Helix in Dublin for this mega 2-day event – The Social Media Summit. This eagerly anticipated event is being hosted by Samantha Kelly (@TweetingGoddess) and Tom Williams (@PlatinumTomIE) and is the first of it’s kind and scale in Ireland.

Social Media Marketers from all around the country and even further afield will gather to hear the best in the industry speaking about the latest tools and thinking in the sector. The speakers will share their top strategies to help you improve your Social Media Marketing when you return to the office. Additionally, there will be a terrific opportunity to network with other professionals in the sector and perhaps even meet one or two of the main speakers!

The Lead organiser, Samantha Kelly says that a measure of the success of the event will be:

“If we trend on Twitter (which we will) and if everyone leaves equipped with the knowledge to drive Irish businesses forward and show Ireland as a buzzing social media and entrepreneurial savvy country. People will also leave inspired and ready to implement new strategies for their social media campaigns.”

Here’s a list of who should attend the Social Media Summit, which includes Marketers, Business Owners, professionals in the P.R. sector, those involved in Media & Advertising Agencies and many more. However, we think if you’re reading this, you’re interested in Social Media and therefore you should attend.

The countdown is on to the event, so grab your ticket today!

Supported by Dublin City Council.

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